Property and Catastrophe


Extreme weather conditions can occur at any time and here at Prime we have a team of assessors, with many years experience, providing a prompt and efficient service to the client. We also ensure that clients are dealt with in a compassionate manner as we are aware of the stresses that can be experienced during this difficult time. 

Understanding the need for a speedy response, we will ensure an assessor is allocated within 24 hours of the claim being lodged. Our assessors will attend to onsite inspections, anywhere in Australia, whatever event has occurred.

Being based in Western Australia, we have the local expertise to respond to any situation. The advantage of a local based company is our ability to be flexible in our approach and make immediate decisions to enhance the service we offer, when it matters most. 

Our drive-through Assessment Centre is an example of how we manage bulk motor claims during catastrophic events.

You can count on Prime Assessing Australia to facilitate an effective response whenever something major occurs!